Java Knights

powered by BULPROS
26 February 2019
Business Park Sofia


Java Knights

It is always time to talk about Java, right?

Feel invited to join the second edition of Java Knights, made by developers for developers and powered by BULPROS.

Save the date February 26 and get ready for a great evening of inspiring Java talks, craft beer and friendly networking.

Join us on this event to learn new things and grow your network, while having fun and drinking beer!

All Java experts and enthusiasts are welcome!

Take your seat


18:45-19:00 Registration
19:00-19:15 Opening
19:15-19:45 Kubernetes your ship in the clouds
19:45-20:15 Building gRPC services with Java
20:15-20:30 Q&A
20:30-20:45 Challenge
20:45 Pizza & Beer


Ralitsa Todorova

Ralitsa Todorova

Senior Software Engineer

Ralitsa is young, passionate and dedicated software engineer who is mostly focused on developing back-end services with Java. However, she has experience in all phases of the software development lifecycle. During her career she took part in various projects and areas including products, Collaboration and Big Data projects.
She describes herself as calm and positive person with logical thinking, who always tries to implement the best algorithms both at her work and life.

Tsvetko Trendafilov

Tsvetko Trendafilov

Senior Software Developer

Tsvetko Trendafilov is a Senior Software Developer, who loves Java. He has worked on projects for big companies such as SAP, Deutsche Bank, VMware and others.

His colleagues describe him as a very responsive and supportive person, who is almost always smiling. One of his greatest strengths is explaining complex things and ideas using simple examples and language.


Stoyan Dimitrov


Stoyan Dimitrov has worked in both outsourcing and product areas in software development companies for the last 9 years. He has expertise in the enterprise domain, mainly as a back-end developer for banking, procurement companies and IoT Saas solution providers.

Nevertheless, he has experience in all the tiers of the project development life cycle. Currently he is a Dev Lead in BULPROS, working closely with the colleagues from the web and mobile department.

More Information

During the presentation “Kubernetes your ship in the clouds”  we will:

– Learn or remind what is Kubernetes and how it works (Kubernetes is a powerful open-source system, developed for managing containerized applications in a clustered environment);

– Discuss what are the services inside Kube;

– Learn how to install and start it locally;

– Deploy your app on kubernetes environment;

–  Learn how to Update and Rollback version of your app.

During the presentation “Building gRPC services with Java” we will:

– Make an introduction to gRPC – discuss what is gRPC, how it works and what makes it suitable for creating distributed applications and services;
– Learn what are protocol buffers and how do they relate to gRPC;
– Build a simple gRPC server and client with Java and see the power of the technology in action.

BULPROS is the biggest IT company founded in Bulgaria and one of the fastest growing technology companies, recognized by the prestigious rankings of Deloitte “Technology Fast 50 in CE” and “Technology Fast 500 in Europe, Middle East, and Africa”, Inc. 5000 Europe and Financial Times 1000 Europe.

We started our business with 5 people, and we are currently a team of more than 1200 experts, working across 19 offices, located in Europe and North America.

Grow and have fun with us and become our next Java Knight.

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Business Park Sofia (Mladost 4, Build. 15, fl. 5)